Tag: Player Character


  • Polo Merryhill

    Polo has always been known to enjoy a drink or two, a visit to Bree and a bet with one of the locals had led to a protracted drinking game. However it happened, he'll never know, but lying naked in an alley in Lake Town with a Hobbit Pipe up his backside …

  • Ulthaine

    Ulthaine the Huntsman. Unpopular amongst his kinsmen for his risk taking in the relentless pursuit of the enemies of Mirkwood - tracking and hunting Goblins and the like well beyond the accepted boundaries of the Elves.

  • Bermund The Red

    Bermund was born east of the Misty Mountains and west of Mirkwood, in the lands now united under Beorn. Orphaned by a goblin raid Bermund was raised by his maternal grandfather Ricfried the Lame, also called Ricfried the History Keeper. Over many years …