Esgaroth, known as ‘Lake-town’ is a free city that is build out over the edge of Long Lake, south of Erebor and Dale. Adventurers hailing from different places come in search of opportunities to make their name. In addition to Northmen of all extractions, Elves and Dwarves are a common sight, as both the Woodland Realm and the Kingdom under the Mountain have interests in the city. Even Hobbits may come to Lake-town without raising too much of a commotion, as strange sights are becoming the norm, with merchants from the south and east bringing their wares into town with increasing regularity.
Esgaroth of ruled by the new Master. A wise man and ally of King Bard of Dale and Dain Ironfoot, King under the Mountain of Erebor.

Known People of Erebor

Glóin, Dwarven envoy of Dáin II Ironfoot, King under the Mountain spends much of his him in Esgaroth.



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