Bermund The Red

Beorning from the East Anduin Vales


Bermund is a tall, broad-shouldered man. His long hair and full beard are both a deep red, his voice is strong and his visage serious.


Bermund was born east of the Misty Mountains and west of Mirkwood, in the lands now united under Beorn. Orphaned by a goblin raid Bermund was raised by his maternal grandfather Ricfried the Lame, also called Ricfried the History Keeper. Over many years from the old man’s tales Bermund learnt many things; of the lives and great deeds of the heroes of old, the treachery of The Enemy , the hidden healing properties of herbs, the ways of bird and beast, cunning riddles and more.
As he reached adulthood Bermund grew to be tall and strong. He became a skilled hunter and dedicated to protecting the new lands of the Beornings, and all Free Folk, from goblins, wolves and worse.

Bermund The Red

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